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How to Pass a Drug Test Naturally Home Remedies – Are They Really That Useful?

Perhaps you have read about how to pass a drug test naturally with home remedies in recent time. After all, you might have a strong interest in finding a way to get traces of drugs out of your body without risking your health. But it is important to watch for how some of these drug test natural home remedies might not work as well as you might hope they could.

Drinking Water To Pass Drug Test Naturally

water pass drug test

One of the more popular options for passing a drug test entails drinking more water. This could help you out with getting rid of some of the toxins in your body. However, such a process might end up diluting the drugs in your body. That is, they will still be in there but they will not be as strong as they used to be. This is problematic as you will fail a test even when you have a diluted sample.

Drinking Cranberry Juice To Pass Drug Test Naturally

Cranberry juice is especially popular for how it is a powerful diuretic. It can help you with going to the bathroom more often but it might not stimulate your kidneys as well as other herbal treatments could. Anything to be used as a diuretic is supposed to get the kidneys to start producing enough sodium to help with actually removing toxins. Remember, just because you are urinating more often doesn’t always mean that you are really getting those difficult toxins out of your body as you might wish.

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Is Vinegar Helpful For A Drug Test?

Vinegar has long been considered to be a home remedy to pass a drug test naturally in that it can alter the pH level of your urine. Many believe that this helps to weaken the traces of drugs in your body. But this is not necessarily going to clear out the drug metabolites that you are trying to actually get rid of.

Is Salt Useful?

Many people also think that salt is a great home remedy to pass a drug test in that it’s going to collect drug contents in your blood when used right. This could help with taking in water from your urine but this is not going to actually work to clear out drugs. If anything, a urine sample would have the salt and its contents around the bottom part of the container while the actual drug content will still be all around the rest of the sample. In short, this treatment option is not actually going to do much of anything for helping you to clear drugs out of your body.

Why Our Natural Total Herbal Cleanse Works Best!

Best Detox Kit For WeedWhile these how to pass a drug test home remedies sound appealing and could help in some cases, they are not going to be as effective as using our Total Herbal Cleanse Detox Pills. The herbal ingredients in this do more to help you with keeping your kidneys active while working as an antibacterial agent with antioxidants all around. This will help you clear out difficult drug toxins all around your body.

Diuretics Can Help You To Pass A Drug Test Naturally

On the surface, you might think that diuretics will help when you are trying to pass a drug test naturally simply because they are capable of forcing compounds out of your body. After all, such diuretics will help you to urinate more often.

But there is much more to diuretics than just them helping you to urinate. While it is true that you can use such compounds to improve upon your urine flow, they may also help you with stimulating natural kidney functions. This in turn makes it easier for your body’s natural detoxification processes to work to pass a drug test. This is needed to help you with proactively taking care of the detox issue at hand. This especially works without having to mask the drugs in your body. Of course, you will have to get such diuretics to start working as soon as possible.

Diuretics And Drug Testing

pass drug test naturally

A diuretic is defined as any substance that increases urine output. Caffeine, cranberry juice, and most “quick flush” herbal teas marketed as “detoxifiers” are diuretics. Water, though also effective in helping marijuana smokers “beat” the test, is not a diuretic. Consuming diuretic fluids just prior to taking a urine test dilutes the concentration of drug metabolites in the sample below the threshold of detection. However, this effect is only temporarily. Because marijuana’s primary metabolite is fat soluble, consuming no amount of fluids – even diuretic fluids – will permanently “flush” it out of one’s system. Once the short-term effect of the diuretic wears off and the urine returns to its proper concentration, cannabis metabolites will once again become readily detectable to snooping drug screeners.

Activating the Kidneys

The key part of a diuretic is that it assists in getting your kidneys to function properly. Your kidneys will release added sodium into your urine when they are triggered. The sodium will then take water from your blood and clear it out of your body.

This works well with the detoxification process. As the kidneys start to work, they will produce enough sodium to break down difficult drug compounds and other toxins.

This helps with keeping your kidneys active and will ensure you stay clean. It works quickly and doesn’t entail more stress on your body than what you might be comfortable with.

How Much Time To Pass A Drug Test For Marijuana 

time to pass a drug test

It helps to get such diuretics to work in your body as soon as possible. It can take a few days on average for some of these diuretics to start working and to become more effective. This is due to the kidneys having to be fully active to help you with passing a drug test naturally. This especially helps to improve upon regular kidney functions without being a threat to your body.

When getting your kidneys to function, you have to ensure they are capable of taking in a healthy diuretic. You can always talk with a doctor about how well your kidneys are functioning to see if you can safely handle such a diuretic without being at risk of harm.

How Can I Pass A Drug Test Naturally With Ultra THC Detox Pills

BEST THC DETOX KIT Our Detox Pills will help you get your kidneys to start functioning to make it easier for you to clear the toxins out of your body. Organic dandelion root particularly works well in Ultra THC Detox to help you with naturally stimulating your urine flow. This helps with naturally triggering the kidneys to function and to collect difficult toxins with ease.

It can make a world of difference when our detox pills are being used to help you with getting the most out of your body. Be sure to see how well this can help you with staying healthy and with passing a drug test naturally. It will work well for your body as it keeps you from struggling with having difficult traces of drugs in your body when used right.

How to Get Weed Out of Your System Fast By Targeting the Bladder

The problem with the bladder when it comes to weed is that this part of the body can retain this drug for a while. Many metabolites from marijuana can be stuck in the bladder region. They can especially be in the urinary tract. This can be a real problem as sometimes such metabolites might stick around even after a few days.

It is critical that the bladder is fully emptied and that enough urine can be processed to where all sorts of toxins, particularly those weed metabolites, can be flushed out. You might naturally think that a diuretic can make a difference when it comes to taking care of your body. But the truth is that a diuretic might make you go often but it isn’t necessarily going to take care of your bladder all that well.


Many diuretics can force you to clear out the bladder but this works by adding excess fluids over time. This makes it harder for the organ to stay empty properly as added bacteria that are drawn out from your body will still persist. As a result, it is easier for more metabolites to get into the region. While a diuretic might help you to get rid of some of the traces of weed, it doesn’t necessarily go all the way.

Treating the Root Issue

pass a drug test fastOur Total Herbal Cleanse Detox will help you to pass a drug test fast by targeting the body in a unique way. This comes from how it uses ingredients that work to target marijuana toxins that are in the body and fat cells.

Dandelion root is especially used to clear out toxins in your body. This helps to force it out of your body naturally. It will be cleared out during the natural urination process. This keeps the weed from being stuck in such a spot where it is easy to persist in.

Rhubarb root also works in the same manner. It targets and clears out weed toxins quite well. It works hard to prevent inflammation in the bladder and other parts of the body too. This in turn improves upon how such marijuana can be cleared out without risking health problems. 

The best part of these ingredients is that they are safe for the body to handle and will not cause any difficult side effects. This part of how to clear weed out of your system especially does well with keeping your body in check without risking a failed drug test.

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You will be amazed at how well you can get our Total Herbal Cleanse detox pills to work for you when you need to get weed out of your system. Be certain that you look at this product when finding a way to stay healthy and to avoid many of the commonplace problems that come with weed being stuck in your body and not passing your upcoming test. If you plan on cheating on a drug test for weed think again, its not worth it. 


Things to Consider For the Best Way to Pass a Urine Drug Test For Weed

The problem with weed is that it can stick around in your body for a while after you use it. It might be in your body for about three to five days on average although it could be there for a few weeks if you really use it quite often. That’s why it is so important for you to look at what you can do when finding the best way to pass a urine drug test for weed.

There are several great points to use when finding a way to pass such a test. Total Herbal Cleanse weed detox especially works well as one of the best options for your demands when aiming to keep yourself clean.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydrate to pass drug screen

Hydration is critical to your success when trying to pass a drug test naturally. When you are properly hydrated, you will have an easier time with passing urine while the kidneys and liver start to work properly. They will be activated and will work quickly to clear out toxins. Still, you have to use other solutions to go along with this as some traces of weed may still be visible even after drinking loads of water.

Get Your Bowel Movements Working

It is also important to have regular bowel movements. This is for clearing out fat-based toxins that can hold weed compounds. These can often be spotted in a typical drug test and have to be removed from your body as soon as possible so the overall risk of drug-related issues will be minimal.

Avoid Medicines

You have to avoid any added medicines that you might take for other purposes. These could cause some of the traces of drugs in your body to stick around for a little longer. By avoiding such medicines, you will keep the risk of getting caught from being a real burden.

Use Total Herbal Cleanse Detox Pills

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No matter what you plan on doing, it helps to use our Total Herbal Cleanse marijuana detox kit to help you with clearing out difficult traces of weed from your body. This works well for a weed test in that Total Herbal Cleanse uses herbal antioxidants and antibacterial agents to help you with cleaning out all sorts of items in your blood. This especially does well with cleaning out toxins that might normally be dangerous to your body when consumed. 

This can be taken daily to improve upon how your body responds to weed. It especially moves deep into the bloodstream to collect more drug compounds and triggers the liver and kidneys into working hard. It all helps to clean out drug toxins in as little time as possible. This improves upon how well your body feels and won’t be too hard to use. 

Everything you do to pass a urine drug test for weed can really make a world of difference. It is especially important to look at how you can use Total Herbal Cleanse to make it easier for you to clear out toxins from your bloodstream.

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