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Easiest Way To Pass A Drug Test In 2019

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Easiest Way to Pass a Drug Test  – A Few Smart Points

You should look carefully when you are trying to find the easiest way to pass a drug test.

There are several things that you have to look at when finding a way to get through a drug test without problems. These are all safe options that when used correctly can help you get the most cleansing from your body.

The process for how to easily pass a drug test is not going to be all that hard to follow if you are prepared for it. There are many things that can make a world of difference in terms of clearing out traces of drugs from your system.

Our Total Herbal Cleanse 7 Day Detox System especially works well if paired with the detox tips below to effectively flush more drug compounds out of your body. Please visit our home page to learn more about us. 

1) Always Avoid Any Kind of Drugs During Your Marijuana Detox

The first thing to do is obviously to avoid any kind of drug that might come about in your life before a drug test. These include not only any recreational drugs you might have used but also over the counter medicines that might show up on a drug screen.  

Sometimes even over the counter medications can end up compromising your body’s natural defenses and make it harder for you to naturally clear traces of marijuana from your body.

This is critical as you don’t want your body to go through more pressure than what you have already put it through during detoxing. The easiest way to pass a drug test is often the hardest unless you follow a few strict rules.

2) Eat Fresh Foods To Help You Pass A Drug Test Easy


Fresh fruits and vegetables are very important to consume when detoxifying your body for weed. Eating healthy low fat food is key.

Healthy eating will provide you with fiber and antioxidants needed to help clear out traces of THC to pass your drug test easier and in a shorter time period. 

This especially keeps you from adding more fats into your body.

A low fat diet is critical as fat cells are often capable of retaining traces of marijuana and weed for a longer period of time than the rest of your body.

3) Drink A lot Of Fluids To Clean Marijuana Out Of Your System

Hydrate to pass drug screen

You have to make sure you dink plenty of fluids including water before you get drug tested. 

This includes drinking fluids that will help to flush out marijuana toxins that are in your system. Cranberry juice is a good choice but this alone will not help you pass.

Of course, drinking large amounts of fluids is not going to be all that you need to pass. We recommend also using 7 day herbal detox pills designed specifically for weed if you have the time.  

4) Dietary Fiber Works To Flush Your System Of Weed

A dietary fiber supplement should be added to your diet before your drug test. Most THC metabolites will pass out of your stool, the remaining will get stored in fat cells throughout your body. 

By using added dietary fiber in a short period of time, it will be easier for you to pass more bowel movements, thus reducing the traces of marijuana in your system helping you pass faster. 

5) Check Out Our Total Herbal Cleanse 7 Day Detox

Another smart thing to do is look at how our Total Herbal Cleanse Detox can fully cleanse your body.

This is a safe and easy to use 7 day cleanse that helps you to clean out your body of all THC.

Our full system detox works by neutralizing the marijuana toxins in your body. It contains 100% organic herbal ingredients and was developed by experts in the detox industry. 

6) Check For All Natural Organic Detox Ingredients 

It is best to look for organic compounds when you’re trying to clear drugs out of your system.

Organic detox cleansing ingredients typically work better and are less harsh on your body. A all natural cleanse will work quicker and more effectively than one with artificial synthetic ingredients.

Plant roots and extracts can especially work wonders if mixed right. 

Organic Burdock Root is a great natural herb that has been used since the middle ages to detox the body. This is one of the many organic ingredients used in Our Total Herbal Cleanse Detox Pills.

time to pass a drug test

7) Are the Kidneys and Liver Treated?

A great detox product can help you to keep your kidneys and liver functioning at a high level to maximize natural cleansing for weed.

The best cleanses should stimulate the kidneys to get your urine flow to improve. This will help force marijuana toxins out.

The liver should also be targeted by a good detox product. Detoxing the liver will help with improving upon how toxins from THC are processed. 

herbal detox

8) How Do You Consume It?

It is often best to use a simple capsule / pill for detoxing the body from weed. 

The best detox pills will consist of a secure body that is properly coated and can break down as it moves into your body.

Anything that is fully sealed will especially do well. The Total Herbal Cleanse Detox works well in this case because it features a all natural vegetable coated body that will not dissolve quickly and will actually be processed by your body without any digestion problems.

The Truth – Passing your drug test easily is not going to be easy without the help of a full system THC cleanse.

9) Pro Tip – Easiest Way To Pass A Drug Test


If you have 7 days before your employment drug test we highly recommend using our Detox Pills and not relying on any quick fixes. Our product Ultra THC Detox was specifically developed to flush all THC toxins out in only one week.

Give us a try, you will not be disappointed. But please read through our site so you can make the best decision for your need. – Thanks, Carl – Founder Of Ultra THC Detox. 

10) Why Our Marijuana Detox Pills Are The Best Option To Help You Pass A Drug Test:

  • Permanently Cleanses After 7 Days!
  • Effective for Any Weight Up To 320 pounds.
  • Effective on the Highest Marijuana Toxin Levels.
  • The Strongest Permanent Cleansing Detox Kit Available.
  • Not a Mask Or Cover Up Product.
  • Permanently Cleanses Blood, Urine, and Saliva.
  • Winner Of Numerous Detox Product Awards.
  • Vegetable Capsules are easy to swallow and have no taste.
  • Made In The USA!

Ultra Detox Also Cleanses Your System For: 

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juan says:

These pills are the S%^t i have tried everything to the point where i was only using synthetic urine but not anymore .I am buying these for all my drug tests now honestly if anyone is really scared on failing look no further and just order these pills. I weigh 230 pounds and don’t do exercise at all but I took a test after only 4 days out of the 7 and passed still taking them to completely finish with my detox but they work wonders thanks again for these great pills.

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Doug says:

Took a at home test failed before starting the pills, heavy smoker of many many years including a lot of dabs. Today is day 7 and I passed! Thanks again Ultra THC Detox! This is a real person not a computer with real results! I will recommend this product to anyone!


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