Pass A Drug Test With Bleach

Using Bleach to Pass a Drug Test


Many people try to use bleach to pass a drug test. Bleach is a chemical that is commonly used for cleaning and laundry. The purpose of this chemical compound is to sanitize, disinfect, and get rid of stains. Because bleach is such a regular household item, most people can find liquid or powder bleach in their cleaning cabinets. If you don’t already have it, bleach is readily available at any grocery store and has no age restrictions for purchasing.

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How does bleach work to destroy THC?

THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that creates the feeling of being “high”, is typically consumed through smoking it. THC is filtered through the lungs and enters the bloodstream. As the THC is moving through the blood stream it gets absorbed by fat and tissue cells. THC is eventually broken down into metabolites which pass through your urine to exit your body. This is the reason that urine tests are the most effective in testing for THC and other drugs.

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The reason why bleach is rumored to help in passing a drug test result is because bleach can break down the metabolites that THC turns into and mask them from showing up on a drug screen. Bleach can be found in powder or liquid forms. The regimen for using bleach to achieve a negative for drugs result involves mixing bleach in powder or liquid form into the urine after you collect the urine in the cup. Never under any circumstances should you try to consume bleach in order to pass the substance through your kidneys into urine.

The science behind bleach and drug tests

Although there is obvious scientific evidence that bleach will break down and destroy the metabolites in the urine and make the THC not show up on a drug screen, the bleach will render the test unusable. If you are looking to just not get a positive test for drugs or THC result, you can and will achieve this by using bleach.

However, you should be aware that bleach leaves a film or residue in the urine that is detectable by the naked eye and also changes the pH levels in urine which is tested as part of the screening process. Test administrators can also smell the bleach as there is no way to mask the scent of the potent chemical. Because of this, the urine will be deemed unusable with evidence of tampering which will have you in even more hot water with your employer, parents, or probation officer.

There are also many adverse side effects that can arise when dealing with bleach. Because the chemical is highly toxic, trying to sneak bleach into the testing facility can be a very difficult process. Using the powder form and hiding it under your finger nails or anywhere else on your person can cause skin irritability, a rash, chemical burns or other injury.

The fumes that come with bleach can also cause irritation in the throat and esophagus which can cause coughing and worsen symptoms for asthmatic people. These fumes are also very difficult to conceal when trying to sneak the bleach into the testing facility.

Overall, bleach will absolutely NOT achieve a passing result on a drug test. Using bleach will not only render your sample as useless, but also as being tampered with. This will result in having to take a second test, possibly under direct supervision, which isn’t something anyone wants. 

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