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Unless you’re a body builder, personal trainer, or have studied biology, chances are you most likely do not know much about using creatine to pass a drug test.

Rumor has it that this naturally occurring organic acid that is found in the human body can be used to pass a drug screening test.

Creatine is readily available at any drug store, vitamin or health store, and online. The substance is not illegal, but can taking creatine supplement really mask the drugs in your system?

Why do people think creatine will create a negative  drug test result?

The theory behind using creatine is that, because it is processed through the kidneys, if you take enough of it, the urine will be diluted and the drug test result will be negative.

The actual purpose of creatine and the way it works in the body is much more complicated than that however.

Creatine is produced by the human body and found in most animal meat as well. Creatine is the substance that gives us an energy boost and optimizes work outs and training for building lean muscle mass.

Many athletes use store bought creatine to enhance their performance. Studies have shown that creatine is only effective for increasing energy in short bursts, so sprinters and relay swimmers can benefit from the supplement.

Creatine is not a regulated substance making it easily accessible for people of all ages, even minors. The organic acid is found primarily in the liver and kidneys and is processed through the kidneys to exit the body through urine.

Normally, levels for creatine and creatinine, the substance that creatine is transformed into through processing in muscle tissue, are relatively low in the body, but those who use this as a supplement, or eat a vast amount of red meat may have higher levels in their urine.


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Fact vs. Fiction – Will Creatine Work To Pass? 

The facts of creatine, as it pertains to passing a drug test are varied. It is true that creatine dilutes the urine; however, for those who do drugs regularly or frequently, it is highly improbable that taking creatine supplements before you drug test will actually work in your favor.

In order for the creatine levels to reach a point of dilution in the urine system, a great amount would need to be taken 48 hours prior to the test.

Many times, especially for employment, you will only be given a 24-hour window of time before needing to pass a drug screening.

Employers do this purposefully to reduce the amount of time a candidate for employment has to try to fool the test or test administrator.

Because every person’s body metabolizes at different rates, it is also nearly impossible to know exactly how much of the supplement you would need to take in order to skew the results in your favor.

Occupational health centers and laboratories are not clueless when it comes to ways people try fake or pass a drug screen.

The test administrator has multiple ways of testing for dilution and testing creatine levels specifically is one technique they use for measuring diluted urine.

If your creatine levels are sky high, but the test result came back as negative for drugs, the test administrator can classify your test results as “inconclusive” which is just as bad as failing.

They will mention in the test results that the urine is suspected as being diluted and report these findings to your potential employer, probation officer, or any other authority that is mandating you to take a drug test.

Although you can tell the testing center that you take creatine for athletic reasons, unless you are extremely fit and lean, this excuse will most likely not be taken seriously.

Sometimes, when results are found to be inconclusive, you will be given an option to test again but by then, the damage is already done.  Ultimately, using creatine will not help you pass your drug test.

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