Can Niacin Help You Pass a Drug Test?

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One of the most commonly tried methods of cleansing marijuana and other illegal substances from the body in order to pass a drug test is by taking niacin pills.

Niacin is a B3 Vitamin and is readily available at any drug store, pharmacy, or health store.

The purpose of Niacin is to convert food into glucose (energy) and many people use the vitamin as a supplement to promote healthy skin, nails and hair.

Niacin is found in every B-complex vitamin and in several different fruits and vegetables such as avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus and also food such as almonds and pumpkin seeds.

There is also some evidence that Niacin helps to break down fat cells and boost metabolism.

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What does niacin do to THC?

Most people are aware that THC is processed through the digestive system and stored in fat cells.

Because of this, anyone who is overweight tend to have a much harder time with cleansing marijuana from their bodies because they have to lose weight quickly in order to do so.

The widely held belief from people who swear by taking niacin pills to pass drug test is that niacin helps to break down fat cells. 

If niacin breaks down fat cells, this means that the THC would be released and be able to pass through your body instead of being stored.

The niacin detox method takes 2-3 weeks minimum to work.

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The typical regimen for using niacin to pass a drug test is to take anywhere from 500mgs to 2,500mgs every day for a few weeks before your drug test. 

While taking the niacin, you would also need to drink gallons of water per day, exercise for at least an hour and not smoke any marijuana. 

This process, in theory, helps to break down the fat cells even faster, releasing the THC quickly which will then exit through your urine.

So, is a Niacin Detox a myth or does it really work to pass a drug test?

There are many people who claim to use the niacin detox method to rid themselves of drugs and have reported being able to pass a drug screen.

However, there is no exact science or proof that niacin is what caused the drug test to be negative.

Everyone’s body metabolizes THC at different rates.

There is no measure to determine exactly how much THC is stored throughout your fat cells, there is no perfect equation to how much niacin one would need to take based on weight or any other factors to ensure that all THC or other drugs would be out of your system.

For the average person, THC usually takes 30 days to exit the body. If you are overweight it could take three months, and for people who are very obese it could take up to six months before you test completely clean of drugs.

Although exercise and fat burning supplements, such as niacin, can boost your metabolism and help you to burn fat at a quicker than normal rate, there is no way to determine if this type of cleansing is going to work for everyone.

There are too many factors to consider when taking niacin to be able to claim that the niacin is the magic pill that rid your body of drugs, especially when combined with large amounts of water and exercise.

Also, like most supposed cleanses for detoxification, the process takes two or more weeks to “guarantee” results.

Most people will not have this amount of time between learning they need to take a drug test and having to actually take it.


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Considering that the time it takes to complete the niacin process is close to the time it would take for a person who is active and at a healthy weight to pass THC through their body completely, relying on niacin in order to pass a drug test is improbable and risky.


There is a very good chance that the test practitioner would notice that your urine is diluted as well because it would be nearly clear after drinking so much excess water for so many weeks.

The nurse or lab technician could then mark your test as “inconclusive” which is just as bad as marking it positive for drugs. 

There is only two 100% effective ways to pass a drug test without cheating, simply: to be entirely drug-free or to fully detox the body naturally with 7 day detox pills.

There is no quick fix, the body needs at least 7 days to fully detox from marijuana with the help of a strong system cleanser.

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