Pass A Drug Test In a Week – 7 Days

pass drug test one week Finding out that you have to pass a drug test in a week is an annoyance and a frustration to many drug users, especially those who smoke marijuana, which is legal is 8 states and Washington D.C. now.

Although more people in government and citizens are becoming more open to marijuana, science is recognizing the many medicinal benefits, and many corporations still base employment decisions on passing a drug test.

In states like Colorado and Washington where weed is legal, this can be frustrating for users who now need to clean their system out in only 7 days. The best way to pass a drug test for marijuana in one week is to not smoke or otherwise ingest any for several weeks prior to the test.

For most people, marijuana can stay in your system for 30 days with a urine analysis test (90 with a hair follicle test). Habitual or obese users can see 90-120 days before marijuana is no longer detected in their system.

There are a few ways that may work for some people, depending on factors such as weight, usage, and metabolism. However, a 7-day cleanse is the most effective short notice solution to passing a drug test.

One Week Weed Cleanse for Drug Tests

Doing a cleanse to pass a drug test can be risky and dangerous if not done correctly. Drinking a ton of water or using over the counter cleanses to flush your system of marijuana can make your urine clear and have it flagged by the drug test administrators as being a false positive.

Flushing your system of THC will make sure that you do not fail the drug test, but it does not guarantee that your results will be passing. An inconclusive test result or a flag for needing to retest is as good as failing the drug test to many employers. This is why same day flushing is not a good idea.

If you have a week or 7 days to spare before your drug test, a 7 day detox pill cleanse may be the perfect solution. These detoxification programs speed up your body’s natural detox processes and can get rid of THC in your system within one week .Many of the programs even come with ‘at home testing kits’ so you can make sure your urine is clean before you take an official lab test.

detox thc pills drug test Where Can I buy A One Week ( 7-Day Detox ) Cleanse For Marijuana?

There are many online vendors that sell products that are cleanses and detoxes. These stores are generally online. You can also buy marijuana drug test cleanses from smoke shops and find 7-day THC detox kit cleanses at nutrition and fitness retailers such as GNC or Complete Nutrition.

If you choose to shop at a physical retailer such as GNC, you may find that walking in and asking for what you need to pass a drug test will not get you very good customer service. These retailers, while they do carry cleanses, these products are not marketed for cleaning your system from drugs. More often than not, these products are marketed towards weight loss.

A few things to know about doing a 7-day detox cleanse for weed

  • You must abstain from drugs during and after the cleanse in order to pass the drug test in one week.
  • A one week body cleanse is best for moderate marijuana users.
  • Eating healthy and exercising daily are part of a 7-day cleanse.
  • You must ensure you follow the regimen as stated in the product directions.
  • While cleansing, you do not also fast.
  • You will need to drink 16 ounces of water with each meal and snack.

What are the ingredients in a 7-day drug cleanse?


Most people are curious as to the chemical makeup of the cleanses that makes them so effective for cleaning traces of drugs in your system in only one week.

While every product will have different ingredients or different levels of the ingredients, there are some similar herbs that tend to show up in most types of cleanses. Learn more about how THC detox pills work here!

  • Burdock Root
  • Dandelion
  • Licorice root
  • Milk thistle
  • Green tea leaf
  • Juniper Berry
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
  • Fennel seed

Knowing what you are putting into your body is very important. Some of the ingredients that you read on a label of a product are going to be foreign to you, so don’t be afraid to talk with an associate to find out what exactly the ingredient is.

What Else Can I Do While Cleansing For A Drug Test?

You will find among the thousands of products that are being sold in many stores some pills that can supplement the cleansing process. Guzzling drinks, including water and green tea, unfortunately aren’t the only things one must do in order to get clean in just seven days. Passing a drug test for weed in a week can be daunting.

pass drug test green tea

There are other factors involved that you must do in order for the cleanse to actually work. Just like most other processes in life, if steps are skipped or lazily done, it will likely result in failure. Take the time to learn the process.

You only have to learn it once, then you will become an expert, so you can teach your friends, family, and others to get clean in only one week and to be able to pass your drug test.

Exercising To Pass A Drug Screen On Short Notice

This is a very important part of a cleanse (and your overall health). When you exercise, it increases your metabolism and blood flow, allowing you to process toxins (and chemicals that some consider “drugs” like THC) quicker.

If you go to a gym that has a sauna that members can use, try sweating it out for 10 minutes after your work out. You may be surprised at how a sauna and shower can affect your body, they help to rid all the THC toxins in your pores, while also helping to rid your skin and fat cells of marijuana or cannabinoids.

Clean Eating To Pass Your Test in 7 days

pass a drug test in a week

Eating healthy is just as important as the actual cleanse if you want to pass a drug test in a week. Eating foods that are high in antioxidants such as berries can help prevent THC from adhering to fat cells in your body.

Following a clean eating diet, and ridding your home of processed and sugary foods is your first step in a good 7 day THC cleanse. You must eat foods that metabolize easily, promote healthy hair, and skin, that energize you throughout the day.
Start treating food as simply fuel for your body, and you will be even more motivated to get into the gym, and sweat the chemicals out of your system. Visit here for a list of great foods for clean eating.

The most important thing to note is that not eating is always going to be a bad choice in most situations, especially while cleansing for a drug test. Fasting tends to cause symptoms like stomach and colon issues that will be very uncomfortable.
Fasting will cause your body to stop digesting fiber, which results in constipation, pain, bloating, and fatigue.

Going through a cleansing process this way will discourage anyone from either finishing the process, or simply never doing it again, resulting in failure. Adding to the list of reasons to not fast, is that the process is likely to not even work, so going through all that uncomfortable pain and suffering is usually all for nothing.

Sweat Out THC Toxins?

Burning fat and sweating releases the THC from your fat cells into your blood stream where it makes it way out of your body through urine. The more you sweat, the faster you can cleanse your body of THC.

Just sweating it out normally doesn’t work to pass a drug test, but combining sweating with exercise, a one week weed cleanse will not only help to get the marijuana out of your system, but is great for your health. You never know, you may just begin to notice a big difference, and commit to changing your lifestyle to become healthier!

Time Tables for Drug Testing

marijuana detox kit, how long does marijuana stay in your system

If you know you have a drug test coming up in a week or more, or your company is prone to random drug testing, you should be aware of the time different drugs stay in your system.

A urine test is generally good for determining drugs taken within the last 30 days, however a hair follicle test can show positive up to 90 days after stopping drug use.

  • Marijuana- 2 days to 3 months depending on usage and biological factors
  • Cocaine- 1-4 days
  • Heroin- 2-4 days
  • Alcohol- up to 24 hours
  • PCP 3-14 days

For most casual drug users, the longest it would take to get rid of marijuana in your system is about 3 months.

Now, You Are an Expert!

The best way to pass a drug test in one week is through a 7-day detox cleanse. This method is effective if you also follow the recommended guidelines to cleanse. There are no known false positives for marijuana so challenging drug test results is usually ineffective and is ignored.

Passive exposure to marijuana such as being in a room where other people are smoking will not make your drug test results positive.

Before taking your drug test, use an ‘at home testing kit’ that can be found at pharmacies to get your own results.

While over-the-counter tests are great at detecting marijuana and other substances, a lab test may be able to get far more detailed test results, and you never want to go into a drug test knowing you are going to test positive, because that could result in disqualification from ever entering the application process for that company ever again.

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