Can Green Tea Detox You Enough to Pass A Drug Test?


Green tea is widely known for its antioxidant and health benefits. Many people suggest drinking green tea pass a drug test. THC, the chemical naturally found in marijuana plants that has psychoactive affects, can be considered a toxin, so green tea should help rid your body of any evidence that you have smoked marijuana, right?

Green tea originated in China and has been used for medicinal purposes holistically for thousands of years. The benefits people claim to have from green tea, which is really just unfermented black or oolong tea, range from lowering blood pressure to decreasing diabetic symptoms and preventing cancer, as well as other serious illnesses. The fact that green tea is not fermented means that the leaves retain much more of their antioxidant agents and poly-phenols. Green tea also contains caffeine which is a natural diuretic. Drinking a lot of this tea will cause you to have to use the bathroom more frequently. People using green tea to detox or cleanse makes much sense, in theory.

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How do these properties of green tea help me detox?

According to the theory of using green tea to help pass a drug screening, the poly-phenols and antioxidants in green tea, along with the diuretic properties of caffeine, should act as a body cleanse. The thought process is that if you drink enough of the tea before you have to drug screen, the beverage should be able to cleanse your body of all the toxins, such as THC, through frequent bathroom trips. Some people also believe that drinking enough of any beverage, including water, will cause the urine to become diluted and therefore mask the presence of drugs in your system.

Another theory is that green tea helps with weight control because it increases the efficiency of your metabolism. The polyphenol in green tea leaves increases the fat oxidation and the rate that food is turned into calories and processed through the digestive system. This means that someone who smokes marijuana should be able to metabolize drugs and other chemicals out of their body much faster, in theory. They should also have less body fat content overall which means that the THC, which is said to attach itself to fat cells, will exit the body quickly.

Green Tea Drug Test Myth Busted or Proven?

In order for green tea to have any benefit for you at all in hopes of passing a drug test, the tea would need to be taken in very large quantities for weeks leading up to your drug test. In most cases, you are not going to know in advance of a screening request as the most common reasons for testing are for employment, getting hurt at work, or probation. These three instances would have you drug tested almost immediately after the request.

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The side effects of using green tea in such large quantities include nervousness, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, increased mood swings and irritability, heartburn and dizziness, not to mention the risk of malnutrition caused from frequent bathroom usage. These side effects are caused by the caffeine in the tea and can be very dangerous to your health. Also, if you use cocaine, amphetamines, or ephedrine containing products, consuming green tea in high does could result in life threatening consequences.

According to scientific research, there is no correlation between the antioxidant properties of green tea and being able to remove marijuana or other drugs from your system. When looking at the side effects, and the fact that there are many prescription medications that can be harmful to you when combined with a high amount of green tea intake, it is best to avoid using green tea as a hopeful detox method in order to pass a drug screen. The best you could hope for in trying to detox this way is an “inconclusive” result to your screening because of diluted urine, which will still probably be counted against you as far as your employer or the law is concerned.

Drinking Green Tea to pass a drug test is not enough. If it really is that important to you to get that job or keep that job, there is only two 100% effective ways to pass a drug test, simply: to be entirely drug-free or to fully detox the body naturally with detox pills. There is no quick fix, the body needs at least 7 days to fully detox from marijuana.

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