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Synthetic Fake Urine And Drug Testing

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Article Updated: October 20th 2023

Will using fake urine to pass a drug test work? How do you use it? Learn all about fake / synthetic urine and drug testing in the article below. 2023 updated! 

Using synthetic urine (fake pee) to pass a drug test is a method that some individuals attempt, but it’s important to recognize the ethical, legal, and practical implications of doing so.

Synthetic urine is a laboratory-made product that closely resembles real urine in terms of appearance, temperature, and certain chemical characteristics. Some people believe that using synthetic urine can help them “pass” a drug test by providing a clean sample that doesn’t contain detectable levels of drugs or their metabolites.

However, it’s essential to consider the following points:

  1. Legality: Using synthetic urine to cheat a drug test is considered fraudulent and unethical in many situations. If caught, you could face legal consequences, including being disqualified from employment or facing other penalties.
  2. Detection: Many drug testing facilities are aware of the potential for individuals to use synthetic urine. As a result, they may implement measures to detect adulteration or substitution of urine samples. These measures can include temperature checks, visual inspections, and even tests for the presence of synthetic urine components.
  3. Risks: Using synthetic urine can be risky, as there’s no guarantee that it will pass the scrutiny of a well-administered drug test. If the sample is detected as fake or adulterated, you could face serious consequences.
  4. Ethical Considerations: Attempting to manipulate drug test results undermines the integrity of drug testing processes, which are often in place to ensure safety, health, and compliance with laws and regulations.
  5. Alternatives: Instead of resorting to deceptive methods, consider addressing the underlying issue. If you’re facing a drug test and are concerned about the results, focus on making positive changes in your habits and seeking support if needed.

Ultimately, the most reliable way to pass a drug test is to abstain from using drugs. If you’re uncertain about drug testing procedures, policies, and your rights, it’s a good idea to consult with professionals who can provide accurate and up-to-date information. If you’re dealing with substance use issues, consider seeking help and support to address these concerns in a healthy and responsible manner.


Using fake, or synthetic urine to pass a drug test is quickly becoming the most popular and, seemingly, most efficient way of passing a drug test on short notice. 

There are several online stores that sell synthetic urine kits with guarantees that they will work or you get your money back.

These kits MUST work if the companies selling them are offering people to be able to get their hard earned cash back if they are not able to pass a test, right?


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What is synthetic urine?


Synthetic urine or fake pee, is becoming one of the most popular ways to pass a urinalysis.  However, drug testing companies have caught onto the uses of synthetic urine and have developed ways to test whether urine is human. 

Although drug companies are striking back with more rigorous testing procedures, it is still possible to use synthetic urine to pass your drug test, with the right instructions for using it.

Synthetic urine is more commonly referred to as “fake pee.”  It is also known as laboratory urine because it was created to imitate the chemical properties, appearance, and composition of human urine. 

Fake pee can be obtained in a few different forms.  These include premixed solutions and dried powders.  The four main components that make synthetic urine so similar to human urine are the color, the creatinine level, the temperature, and its pH level. 

Selecting The Best Fake Urine To Pass A Drug Test

choosing the best fake urine

There are many brands of synthetic urine on the market but most of them are unreliable, detectable, or don’t work at all.  There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the  best synthetic urine to help you pass your drug test.

Key Factors Of The Best Fake Pee

Uric Acid-  Since regular human urine contains uric acid, drug testing labs test for this as a component of the urine.  Make sure you read the labels on the product and that uric acid is listed in the ingredients. 

Trusted Dealer-  Due to the increased popularity and demand for fake pee, counterfeit products are on the rise.  Make sure that you do your research before buying from anyone. 

Usually the more expensive products are the ones that are better quality and work.  Make sure to read the feedback and reviews from people who have used the product you are buying.  This can save you a lot of hassle and money. 

Temperature-  Synthetic urine must have a temperature close to real urine.  Better products come with a heating pad to keep the urine warm and a special strip that monitors and displays the current temperature.

Shelf Life-  Make sure to check the expiration dates on any unused kits before using them.  Since drug tests can pop up with little to no warning, make sure that the kit you are keeping around has a long shelf life, or periodically replace your synthetic urine kits. 

Powdered Vs. Liquid Synthetic Urine – What Is Better?

Fake pee is available in both powdered and liquid forms.  There has been debate about which is better to pass a drug test with.  The liquid form has been explained previously, but how does the powdered form work? 

It looks, smells, and acts chemically the same way the human urine without drug metabolites does, but comes in a powdered form. 

When you buy the powdered form, you will receive the powder instead of the pre diluted liquid form.  The powder is mixed with water before the drugs screening. 

Powdered synthetic urine is also 100% human urine that has been through mass dehydration.  This makes it one the most fail-safe ways of passing a drug test.

The powdered urine has been proven to be successful because it is free of drugs.  The dehydrated urine retains its properties and is has the exact same nature to real urine. 

This gives accurate results when put through the calibrating machine.  It can be a little tricky to mix the urine with water in the proper ratios. 

Each kit that contains the powdered synthetic urine will provide a detailed instruction manual for mixing the powder correctly. 

Though powdered urine seems like the most fail-safe way when mixed correctly, recent online reviews state that the liquid form is better, due to it being mixed properly and being ready to go.

How Do Drug Testing Labs Check For And Detect Fake Urine

detecting fake urine

In order to combat the use of synthetic urine, drug testing labs have come up with several tests to validate urine samples.

Temperature-  This test is simple.  The lab checks the temperature of a urine sample to make sure it is within the correct range.  Samples that read too hot or too cold are rejected as fake.

Creatinine  Produced in the kidneys, the lab tests this substance for the correct levels and kicks out any that don’t meet them

Oxidants-  The lab test for substances that can oxidize drugs and prevent their detection during a drug test.  If substances such as bleach, nitrates, halogens, iodine, or peroxide are detected the sample is kicked out. 

pH-  Urine from humans has a neutral pH balance.  Sample outside this range are kicked out.

Gravity/Density-  Density is measured.  If the density is outside of normal ranges the sample is kicked out.

Using Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Differing products use different processes to achieve the same results, but work on the same general principle.  Most kits come with a way to maintain and test the urine temperature as well as a belt for helping the wearer smuggle the fake urine into the drug testing facility. 

The day of your drug test shake the heating pad several times and attach the pad to the bag sewed into the belt.  Following that, close the clips and cut the tubes the necessary lengths. 

Then wrap the belt around your waist and make sure that it will be covered by your clothes when you go into the facility.  The strip that monitors and displays the temperature should be touching your skin and the tube needs to be pointed toward the ground. 

The setup must be attached at least and hour before your scheduled test.  The last step is the most challenging, but the most important. 

Once you enter the facility and are give the urine cup, unfasten the clips on the belt and pour the synthetic urine into the collection container.  It is generally easier to pull off using the fake pee if you are taking a test that is unobserved.

Using The Whizzinator Belt: 

fake urine belt

The Whizzinator belt is a bag device that you strap on your waist. You fill the bag with the fake pee of your choice and squeeze it to dispense the urine into the sample cup.

The urine bag rests on your bare skin under your clothes so it gets to the right temperature. We suggest still using a heating pad with the Whizzinator belt to make sure your sample is warm enough.

The down side to this belt is that during a supervised or watched drug test you might be searched and closely watched while giving your sample. If this is the case it will be difficult to pull off using the Whizzinator.

Fake Urine Frequently Asked Questions

pass a drug test fake urine faq

Does It Work:

Fake urine can work if you purchase from a quality company and follow the instructions exactly. You should practice with it before you go take your test. And remember, if your test is supervised it will be more difficult to pull off.

Make sure to do your research online and only buy a product with good reviews. Do not go with the cheapest option.

How To Keep Urine Warm Enough:

Your urine sample must be between 93 degrees and 97 degrees to be considered normal. Anything lower or higher will raise a red flag and your test sample will be considered unusable and you will fail.

To keep your fake urine warm you have several options. Many people use a microwave to heat it up to a very high temperature so when they get to the test center it will be the correct temperature. Buying a inexpensive thermometer is a good idea so you can test it to make sure.

Many synthetic urine kits come with hand warmers that you can use to heat it up while at the testing facility. For example, if you use the Whizzinator belt you can attach a hand warmer to it so it maintains the correct temp. Hand warmers usually stay hot for 2-3 hours. Be careful, as they have been known to overheat the urine.

Some people opt to just use their own body heat to provide a sample that is in the correct temp range. This method is risky because usually it will not reach high enough to be considered normal temp.

A few synthetic urine kits come with heat activation powder that you add into the fake urine sample. This powder is undetectable and warms it up and maintains the temp for a short period of time.

Where To Buy It:

Google fake urine for drug test 2019 and hundreds of places to buy will pop up. Make sure to thoroughly research each product to make sure you are getting the best and most up to date (2019) fake urine product.

How Much Do You Need:

You will only need between 3-5oz of fake urine for your drug test. Standard drug testing policies only require 2oz of urine to sample. Most kits come with around 5oz so don’t be worried if you spill a little.

Will Labcorp Detect Fake Urine:

Labcorp is one of the biggest drug testing facilities in the United States. Many companies outsource their drug testing to Labcorp to handle employee drug tests.

They specialize in drug testing and are experts on all the new tricks and methods to cheat the test. If you buy a high quality synthetic urine kit and follow instructions exactly they most likely will not detect the fake urine.

However they are always finding new ways to catch a cheater and do not disclose info on their methods. So be careful, fake urine might not work as well as it did a few years ago.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Pee:

No, Walmart does not sell fake pee. We suggest buy online from a trusted vender or visit your local head shop for advice.

Does Amazon Sell Fake Pee:

Amazon does sell a few brands of fake urine. From our research they are all low quality kits that were popular 5 years ago sold by third party resellers. Do not  buy from Amazon! 

Top 8 Best Synthetic Urine Kits 2019

best fake urine 2019

Below are the 2023 top 8 fake urine products that could work for you on short notice. We calculated our rankings on third party customer reviews and online forum discussions.

  1. U Pass Synthetic Urine
  2. Magnum Synthetic Pee
  3. P-Sure Synthetic Urine
  4. Xstream Synthetic Urine
  5. Testclear’s Powdered Urine
  6. Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine
  7. Spectrum labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
  8. Clear Choice Sub-Solution

Fake pee can work in many drug-testing situations.  Now that you are informed on how to use it, use it at your discretion. 

Though the synthetic urine offers a way to pass those short notice pop-up drug tests, there is a better way to pass a drug that you have time to prepare for.

What Works Besides Fake Synthetic Urine To Pass Guaranteed?

The fake urine method is pretty complicated and a lot of steps have to followed exactly to ensure you don’t get busted.

If you have 7 days before your drug test and want to pass guaranteed please read below. 

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