How Does Magic Detox Work?

Our detox pills work by speeding up the removal process of THC naturally. We use extra strength extracted cleansing herbs that help flush marijuana out of the body. Detox supplements that actually work are hard to find and usually a waste of money. Ultra THC Magic Detox Pills™ are different. They were specifically developed to work by combining 7 powerful detoxifying ingredients that are able to remove weed toxins in only one week.

Below you will learn more about how our pills work for a complete THC body detox.

Ultra THC Detox Full Body Cleanse

Are you a smoker who has a drug test screening coming up? More employers are making them mandatory during the hiring process and the laws for getting caught cheating the system with synthetic urine or masking drinks have moved to felony territory. 

  • You don’t want this on your record, and that is where our Ultra THC Cleanse capsules come in. Our company has been perfecting this formula for over 10 years.
  • We have won numerous awards, have had several feature pieces written about us, and we have thousands of satisfied customers so far.
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What Makes the Ultra THC Detox Cleanse Different?

  • NATURAL FORMULA, EXPERTLY CRAFTED – We work with a diverse team of experts from around the world to bring our customers the very best combination of both Eastern herbal tradition and modern research.
  • As a result, our detox pills contain just the right amount of each herbal ingredient for optimal results.
  • Our powerful herbal formula works to flush all of the THC toxins out of you system within 7 days. Unlike other brands, we don’t advertise an overnight miracle cure, because our system actually cleans your system, and it doesn’t  just mask the toxins.
  • This is an extremely important distinction because depending on your state; it can be a felony to use any product that alters the results of a drug test or masks the marijuana in your system for a court ordered or government employment drug test.
  • These masking agents can include fake or synthetic urine. To add to the severity of this, most drug tests can now detect the chemical makeup of masking agents, which increases your chances of getting caught.
  • Our Detox Kit isn’t intended to defraud any government agency; we want to help individuals that are seeking a total body detox.

Our Natural Detox Works By Combining 7 Herbal Extracts:

  1. Organic Burdock Root
  2. Organic Dandelion Root
  3. Organic Rhubarb Root
  4. Organic Goldenseal Herb
  5. Organic Sheep Sorrel Herb
  6. Organic Cat’s Claw Bark
  7. Organic Pau D’Arco Bark

These organic herbs have been used for centuries to detoxify the body and promote a healthy lifestyle. Each ingredient we use has powerful cleansing properties and when combined together they create a supercharged detox that actually works!

Ultra THC Magic Detox™ – The Detox That Actually Works! 

Our Detox Pills work the best because they we developed only for THC removal. 

One strong detox herb in our pills is dandelion root. This ingredient is one of only a few herbs thats able to strip THC from the fat cells to ensure complete detoxification. 

Rhubarb root also works in the same manner. It targets and clears out weed toxins quite well. It works hard to prevent inflammation in the bladder and other parts of the body too.

Dandelion root and rhubarb root are just a few of the natural herbs used in Ultra THC Detox to ensure a clean urine sample for your drug test. Read about all 7 of the herbs in our detox below. 

A Prefect Herbal Detox Blend 

Organic Burdock Root:

Burdock Root contains a number of medicinal properties that have been used for hundreds of years. Traditionally herbalists all over the world use Burdock Root as a blood purifier.

It is the root of the Burdock plant that is harvested for folk medicinal use. Burdock root has been proven cleanse the body completely to pass a drug test! 

Organic Dandelion Root:

Liver – A great herb for detoxification, dandelion root is particularly effective for treating build up of toxins in the liver, blood, and fat cells by helping to remove waste products.

Known as general cleansing herb, it also helps reduce side effects of medication and it can help improve bile flow & reduce inflammation, which is very important when doing a full body drug detox.

Kidneys & Urinary Problems – Dandelion root is also a tonic for the kidneys, as a diuretic to help stimulate urine flow, improving general kidney function.

They also stimulate toxin removal, improving health and assisting with skin problems. The leaves are high in vitamin A and potassium and are useful for excess water excretion, kidney stones, edema, lymphatic swellings and bladder infection.

 Organic Rhubarb Root:

This root has been used in China for more than 2,000 years!  Rhubarb has impressive detoxifying properties, especially for the liver.

The root also has antibiotic, anti-microbial, and anti-tumor properties. Rhubarb root is one of the most popular herbs used to fully detox to pass a drug test.

Organic Goldenseal:

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is one of the most popular herbs on the market today. It was traditionally used by Native Americans to treat skin disorders, digestive problems, liver conditions, diarrhea, and eye irritations.

Goldenseal became part of early colonial medical care as the European settlers learned of it from the Iroquois and other tribes. It has recently become a popular herb for complete body detoxification.

Anyone that needs to pass a drug test for marijuana needs to consider taking goldenseal to fully detox. Our THC detox kit contains a small amount of goldenseal and it will not show up on a urine drug test.

Organic Sheep Sorrel Herb:

Sheep’s sorrel is a very strong antioxidant plant. It also helps strengthen the immune system. The leaves are high in vitamin C, so this plant is useful for most common illnesses.

It has also proved useful for cellular regeneration. It is a anti-inflammatory antibacterial agent and high in antioxidants.

This herbal remedy ingredient truly works to remove THC from the body naturally. The healthier the body is the faster THC will be removed.

 Organic Cat’s Claw Bark:

Cat’s Claw has been used for bowel regularity for centuries.  It gently supports the health of the stomach and intestines in many ways, and bowel detoxification is the foundation of a strong, healthy immune system.

Elimination through the colon is a major way that the body rids itself of toxins. Almost all THC in the body is eliminated through the stool and urine.

Cat’s claw bark is a very important herb to take to make sure bowel movements are regular so marijuana toxins can be fully removed.

Organic Pau D’Arco Bark:

Natural remedies to pass a drug test are often the best. One such natural remedy is known as pau d’arco bark. It is one of the only detoxification herbs that has multiple applications.

In fact, as body detox herbs go, it is thought of as one of the front runners. It is commonly thought that if a remedy can be found in nature then it is better for you than most artificially manufactured remedies.

This herb attracts irregular body toxins such as THC and removes them through the urine.

NEVER consider a THC Detox that does not use Pau D’Arco Bark!