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Will CBD Oil Show On A Drug Test?

CBD oil drug testing

Author: Kristen Shea – Detox Expert

Date Published: September 18th 2018

Organization: Ultra THC Detox Pills ™

Will CBD Oil Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Since CBD comes from the cannabis, or marijuana, plant you might be hesitant about using CBD because of marijuana drug tests at your job. 

To gain the full understanding of the answer to this question, you first need to know what CBD is and how it is different from THC.

You should also understand how drug tests are conducted and what they are testing for.

Cannabis, or marijuana, is becoming legalized one state at a time due to the overwhelming research and proof that not only is weed no big deal, but it is good for you!

what states is weed legal

Many people are using cannabis to help medical conditions such as PTSD, Crohn’s Disease, Eating Disorders, Seizures, Chronic Pain, Cancer, and more.

Recently, CBD Oil has become popular for it’s medical uses and many people are choosing to use just this extract from marijuana rather than ingesting the plant through smoking.

When you smoke marijuana and get the “high feeling” this is caused from THC. This is different that CBD; however, when you smoke marijuana you are getting both THC and CBD in your system.

What is CBD?

what is cbd oil

Cannabidiol, CBD, is a chemical compound found on cannabis (marijuana) plants. Cannabis produces more than 400 different chemical compounds of which 60 are specific to the Cannabis plant.

Because the other 340 chemical compounds are found in other plants, the intensity of these chemicals is what gives marijuana plants different smells, colors, and tastes similar to pine or lemon.

Cannabidiol is a special marijuana compound that presents many medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

CBD is not psychoactive like THC. When you use CBD oil you will not get a feeling of being “high.”

This aspect of CBD is very important from a legal standpoint because it means that CBD specifically does not cause impairment.

How Does CBD Help Medically?

cbd oil health benefits

For people that need cannabis for medical reasons but do not want to experience the “high” feeling, CBD oil is an excellent alternative.

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plants, isolated, and then carrier oils such as coconut oil or hemp oil mix with the oil to dilute the CBD.

There have been several studies done that prove the medicinal benefits of CBD. Most of the ways CBD oil is medically used falls under these 10 categories:

  • 1. Pain relief
  • 2. Reduce anxiety and depression
  • 3. Alleviate symptoms related to cancer
  • 4. Reduce acne
  • 5. Neuroprotective properties
  • 6. Improve heart health
  • 7. Preventive for diabetes
  • 8. Substance abuse treatment
  • 9. Anti-tumor
  • 10. Anti-psychotic

There are some known side-effects of using CBD oil, but the oil is generally considered to be safe for adults in the general population.

Some possible side effects include nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety or depression, psychosis, diarrhea, and dry mouth.

Before you begin using CBD oil make sure to inform and discuss with your primary care physician.

Employer CBC Drug Testing

cbd oil - company drug testing

Many employers require candidates for employment pass a drug test before they are offered a position.

Most companies use with a mouth swab that can be administered on site or send candidates to a laboratory for a urine analysis drug test.

Out of almost 10 million drug tests conducted by employers annually about one third test positive for drug use.

The most popular drug that shows up on employer drug screens is marijuana. Amphetamines and painkillers are also often found in people’s systems.

Employers drug test because they want to ensure a sober work environment for safety and liability reasons.

The problem with drug tests is that they do not survey impairment. There is no way for someone administering or requiring a drug test to know that the drugs in that person’s system are causing immediate impairment in the work place.

Does CBD Show Up on Drug Tests?

cbd drug testing

So, if CBD is extracted from marijuana and employers are testing for marijuana, will CBD make you fail a drug test?

Because there are so many different chemical compounds that make up cannabis, most drug testing companies single out THC as the compound they are testing for on a drug test.

THC is singled out because this is the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant that gives users the “high” feeling and can cause impairment.

The tests also scan for 11-no-deltag-carboxy-THC, often shortened to THC-COOH. This compound is the main metabolite of THC.

Great Video On CBD & Drug Tests Below

Will CBD Oil Show Up On Drug Test For Weed?


Drug tests do not specifically test for CBD because there is no reason to. The compound is not impairment causing.

There is a very good chance that consuming CBD oil will have no impact on your drug test however, there are trace amounts of THC that are found in hemp oil that is enriched with CBD.

These small traces do not show up on drug tests however, if you ingest too much CBD oil or CBD Hemp Oil it is possible for those trace amounts to accumulate and be detected.

There have been studies that show eating hemp foods and hemp oil can correlate with a positive drug analysis. These instances are very rare however.

Although CBD is unlikely to trigger a positive drug test, if you are in jeopardy of passing a drug test the advice is to not use CBD oil or Hemp oil.

If you do want to use CBD oil, make sure to check with the manufacturer for a guaranteed THC free product.

Also, before beginning a CBD regimen, you should always consult with your doctor, especially if you need medical advice about CBD oil affecting the results of a drug test for employment.

What To Do If You Are Worried About Failing A Drug Test

If you use CBD on a daily basis and have to pass a drug test you may want to use our complete full body detox.

This will ensure your urine is flushed of any THC. Ultra THC Detox™ is a 7 day detox developed by experts that works guaranteed.

Learn More About drug testing & how Ultra THC Detox™ Pills can help you pass below!

pass drug test one week

What Companies Drug Test for Employment? 2018 – 2019 Guide

Companies That Drug Test – 2018 – 2019 Guide

company drug testing

Author: Kristen Shea – Detox Expert

Date Published: September 12th 2018

Organization: Ultra THC Detox Pills ™

What Companies Drug Test –  Nine states as well as Washington D.C. have all made weed legal. For the population of the United States, this means that almost 1 in 5 people can use marijuana how they want, whenever they want (in accordance with the state law).

what states is weed legal

In these states, companies are slowly backing off from drug testing because they are having trouble finding skilled, qualified workers that can pass a pre-employment drug testing.

While Nine states and D.C. are all on board, and we know that some of the best employees smoke weed, there are still companies that are notorious for drug testing their applicants.

Below is a list of some of the biggest U.S. employers and their employment / pre – employment drug testing policy.

This article will also provide you great info on a 7 day detox cleanse for marijuana that actually works.

Does Amazon Drug Test

does amazon drug test

Amazon is the most notorious company for drug testing employees.

Not only do you have to pass a drug test for employment by on-site mouth swab, employees have to sign a consent form to random drug testing throughout their employment.

If you want to work for Amazon, you can kiss smoking weed good-bye. You don’t want one blunt to ruin a career so it’s better to just say no while Jeff Bezos is your boss.

Does Berkshire-Hathaway Drug Test

berkshire hathaway drug testing

Berkshire-Hathaway started out as a group of textile mills but is not a multi-billion dollar holding company owned by the famous Warren Buffet.

This company invests in and purchases many different companies but if you work for Berkshire-Hathaway directly, you will be subject to pre-employment drug test as well as random testing during your employment.

Does Johnson & Johnson Drug Test

johnson johnson drug testing

There is no surprise that Johnson & Johnson demands a drug free environment, they are known for creating children’s products after all.

Johnson & Johnson tests for drugs and alcohol for pre-employment as well as during employment. The good thing about this company though is that their insurance for employees covers drug and alcohol treatment.

Does Exxon Mobil Drug Test

exxon mobil drug test policy

Exxon Mobil is an oil and gas corporation headquartered in Texas and they are one of the strictest companies when it comes to drug testing.

While most companies choose to do mouth swabs because they are quick, cheap and can be done during an interview, Exxon Mobile sends all applicants for a urinalysis screening.

These tests show drugs that have been in your system for longer than just a few days. Exxon is also reported to want to start doing hair follicle testing which can test back months’ worth of drug or alcohol use.

Does JPMorgan Chase Drug Test

jp morgan chase drug tests

JPMorgan Chase is one of the oldest and largest financial institutions in the country. Not only are direct employees required to be drug tested for preemployment and during employment but even supplies are sent for testing.

JPMorgan Chase makes all of their suppliers sign contracts that they will drug test all of their employees if they want to be a JPMorgan Chase supplier.

Not only is this demand nonnegotiable but JPMorgan Chase also sticks it to the supplier to pay for all the drug testing.

Does General Electric Drug Test

does ge drug test

General electric is serious about the people who represent their company being drug free. GE is an appliance company that drug tests for pre employment and also conducts random drug tests during employment.

GE repair men can also be drug tested on site at a customer’s home if the homeowner believes a repair or delivery man is intoxicated.

Does Walmart Drug Test

does walmart drug test

Walmart drug tests every single employee that applies for a position from greeters to managers however this can vary from state to state.

Drug tests are also conducted when an employee wants a promotion or has an accident at work.

Not all Walmart stores conduct drug tests, but most will for safety positions or warehouse positions that involves using machinery. Tests are performed through the urine drug tests method.

Does Chevron Drug Test

chevron drug testing policy

Employees and independent contractors at Chevron must submit to a drug test before being offered a job. They also screen for alcohol and will drug test after an accident.

Chevron will use a variety of testing types depending on the job position and contractor you work for. Make sure your body is completely flushed of marijuana before applying.

Does AT&T Drug Test

will att drug test me

AT&T isn’t much different than any of the other companies on this list.

AT&T conducts preemployment drug screens and requires employees to consent to random drug and alcohol testing. Most employees from AT&T report that employees are rarely tested without suspicion however.

So, if you can quit smoking weed for a few weeks, chances are you won’t be tested again unless you make someone suspicious. A great way to pass if you have 7 days or more is Ultra THC Detox Pills ™ Learn More Here. 

Does Proctor & Gamble Drug Test

procter & and gamble drug testing

Proctor and Gamble does not perform drug tests for all positions however they do perform urinalysis and hair follicle tests for positions related to safety or sensitive information.

They do not perform random tests but will test if an employee has an accident or safety incident while on the clock.

If you are looking for companies to work for that don’t drug test or have recently stopped drug testing, you should try to apply at one of these places:

Companies That Do Not Drug Test 

  • Excellence Health Inc
  • AutoNation Inc.
  • The Denver Post
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Starbucks
  • Qualcomm
  • Chipotle
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Twitter
  • Gap

Drug testing is becoming less common as employers are finding drug testing is much too expensive for corporations when one third of their prospects are failing their tests due to marijuana.

As more states begin to legalize recreational and medical marijuana more potential employees will begin using weed regularly.

This means that companies will lose valuable employees all because of weed. Luckily, more companies are just saying no to drug tests.

A Warning To Consumers – Buy A Detox Kit That Works For Employment!

pass employment weed test


As an established business in the marijuana detox industry, we at Ultra THC Detox™ highly recommend not buying a THC detox kit from your local head shop or shady online business with no accreditation.

Don’t waste your time, money, job, future, or freedom on unproven drug cleansing products! Using a full body, natural detox to pass your drug screen is ALWAYS THE BEST OPTION.

Learn more about us here,  and how our detox pills work here.

detox pills for drug test

What To Eat Before Getting Drug Tested

5 Detox Foods To Eat When Getting Drug Tested

what to eat to pass drug test

The dreaded time has come. You must pass a drug test for weed on short notice.. With over 15% of the population admitting to using marijuana on a regular basis, and lots of companies drug testing, getting clean fast is a highly discussed topic. This post will discuss some the the best detox foods to help you pass your drug test.

Marijuana can stay in your system for up to 90 days if you are a heavy smoker. We always recommend eating healthy detox foods when trying to get clean from weed. It is also highly recommend to use a full body THC detox kit to ensure all marijuana toxins are removed permanently. 

Top 5 Detox Foods To Eat For Drug Test:

#1 Almonds 

drug test what to eat

Almonds are a easy to eat quick snack that you can bring anywhere. They are very high in fiber and protein, this will help support the THC detox process. Make sure to only eat unsalted raw organic almonds for best results. Many studies have shown a daily serving or almonds can reduce cancer rates and aid in weight loss. Almonds can also help clear traces of weed from you system due to high levels of vitamin E and niacin. If you are looking to flush out toxins fast we highly recommend a hand full of almonds daily.

#2 Turmeric

eat detox for weed test

Turmeric is a strong detoxifying spice that originated thousands of years in India. In addition, Turmeric has been used by Ayurvedic Medicine specialists to help cure illness and support a full body detox. It’s been proven to help circulation, promote digestion, and eliminate harmful toxins effectively. If you need to get clean fast add a few tablespoons to your daily diet. Turmeric has recently become one of the best selling detox aids on Amazon.

3# Asparagus

eat healthy drug test for marijuana

Asparagus has been know for some time to be one of the best super foods to enhance any detox diet. This veggie provides a extremely rich source of glutathione, a detoxifying chemical that helps break down marijuana toxins in fat cells and other harmful compounds. If you need to pass a drug test fast you should eat a 4oz serving of asparagus daily to ensure a THC free system.

#4 Wild Salmon

eat salmon drug test thc

Wild caught salmon is one of the best foods you can eat while detoxing. This delicious fish is super high in omega-3s which can throughly clean out toxins throughout the body. Wild salmon has dozens of super cleansing antioxidants that work with your body naturally to expedite the detox process. New research suggests to only eat wild caught salmon and to steer clear from farmed raised salmon which will not provide you with as many detoxifying properties.

#5 Apples

apples pass clean system detox

Yes Apples.. The detox properties of apples should not be under estimated. Apples provide the body with dozens of antioxidant compounds. They also contain lots of water which is extremely important when trying to rid the body of weed. Apples are one of the oldest and must trusted ways to fully detox the body. Granny Smith Apples appear to have the most beneficial effect with the highest toxin fighting properties.

The best part about these 5 foods to eat while detoxing for weed is they can all be ingredients for one meal! Eating clean and healthy can make a huge difference when you have to pass a drug test. These foods along with lots of sugar free fluids is key when detoxing. Its also very important to avoid fatty processed foods. Don’t forget to exercise daily as this also play a major role to fully detox.

What Else Can I Do To Clean My System Of Weed?

Eating healthy, exercising, and drinking water will all help clean out THC. We also highly recommend using our 7 day detox pill cleanse. Our supercharged formula contains the words strongest herbs designed to help the body expel marijuana toxins in only 7 days.

We have been perfecting our full detox formula for over 10 years. Our 7 day detox has won numerous awards, has had several feature articles written about it, and we have thousands of satisfied customers so far. Read our verified THC detox reviews here! If you have any questions regarding passing a drug test please contact us and we will respond shortly.

pass drug test one week


Easiest Way To Pass A Drug Test In 2018 – 10 Best Detox Tips


Easiest Way to Pass a Drug Test  – A Few Smart Points

You should look carefully when you are trying to find the easiest way to pass a drug test.

There are several things that you have to look at when finding a way to get through a drug test without problems. These are all safe options that when used correctly can help you get the most cleansing from your body.

The process for how to easily pass a drug test is not going to be all that hard to follow if you are prepared for it. There are many things that can make a world of difference in terms of clearing out traces of drugs from your system.

Our Total Herbal Cleanse 7 Day Detox System especially works well if paired with the detox tips below to effectively flush more drug compounds out of your body. Please visit our home page to learn more about us. 

cleansing pills for urine test

1) Always Avoid Any Kind of Drugs During Your Marijuana Detox

The first thing to do is obviously to avoid any kind of drug that might come about in your life before a drug test. These include not only any recreational drugs you might have used but also over the counter medicines that might show up on a drug screen.  

Sometimes even over the counter medications can end up compromising your body’s natural defenses and make it harder for you to naturally clear traces of marijuana from your body.

This is critical as you don’t want your body to go through more pressure than what you have already put it through during detoxing. The easiest way to pass a drug test is often the hardest unless you follow a few strict rules.

2) Eat Fresh Foods To Help You Pass A Drug Test Easy


Fresh fruits and vegetables are very important to consume when detoxifying your body for weed. Eating healthy low fat food is key.

Healthy eating will provide you with fiber and antioxidants needed to help clear out traces of THC to pass your drug test easier and in a shorter time period. 

This especially keeps you from adding more fats into your body.

A low fat diet is critical as fat cells are often capable of retaining traces of marijuana and weed for a longer period of time than the rest of your body.

3) Drink A lot Of Fluids To Clean Marijuana Out Of Your System

Hydrate to pass drug screen

You have to make sure you dink plenty of fluids including water before you get drug tested. 

This includes drinking fluids that will help to flush out marijuana toxins that are in your system. Cranberry juice is a good choice but this alone will not help you pass.

Of course, drinking large amounts of fluids is not going to be all that you need to pass. We recommend also using 7 day herbal detox pills designed specifically for weed if you have the time.  

4) Dietary Fiber Works To Flush Your System Of Weed

A dietary fiber supplement should be added to your diet before your drug test. Most THC metabolites will pass out of your stool, the remaining will get stored in fat cells throughout your body. 

By using added dietary fiber in a short period of time, it will be easier for you to pass more bowel movements, thus reducing the traces of marijuana in your system helping you pass faster. 

5) Check Out Our Total Herbal Cleanse 7 Day Detox

Another smart thing to do is look at how our Total Herbal Cleanse Detox can fully cleanse your body.

This is a safe and easy to use 7 day cleanse that helps you to clean out your body of all THC.

Our full system detox works by neutralizing the marijuana toxins in your body. It contains 100% organic herbal ingredients and was developed by experts in the detox industry. 

6) Check For All Natural Organic Detox Ingredients 

It is best to look for organic compounds when you’re trying to clear drugs out of your system.

Organic detox cleansing ingredients typically work better and are less harsh on your body. A all natural cleanse will work quicker and more effectively than one with artificial synthetic ingredients.

Plant roots and extracts can especially work wonders if mixed right. 

Organic Burdock Root is a great natural herb that has been used since the middle ages to detox the body. This is one of the many organic ingredients used in Our Total Herbal Cleanse Detox Pills.

time to pass a drug test

7) Are the Kidneys and Liver Treated?

A great detox product can help you to keep your kidneys and liver functioning at a high level to maximize natural cleansing for weed.

The best cleanses should stimulate the kidneys to get your urine flow to improve. This will help force marijuana toxins out.

The liver should also be targeted by a good detox product. Detoxing the liver will help with improving upon how toxins from THC are processed. 

herbal detox

8) How Do You Consume It?

It is often best to use a simple capsule / pill for detoxing the body from weed. 

The best detox pills will consist of a secure body that is properly coated and can break down as it moves into your body.

Anything that is fully sealed will especially do well. The Total Herbal Cleanse Detox works well in this case because it features a all natural vegetable coated body that will not dissolve quickly and will actually be processed by your body without any digestion problems.

The Truth – Passing your drug test easily is not going to be easy without the help of a full system THC cleanse.

9) Pro Tip – Easiest Way To Pass A Drug Test


If you have 7 days before your employment drug test we highly recommend using our Detox Pills and not relying on any quick fixes. Our product Ultra THC Detox was specifically developed to flush all THC toxins out in only one week.

Give us a try, you will not be disappointed. But please read through our site so you can make the best decision for your need. – Thanks, Carl – Founder Of Ultra THC Detox. 

10) Why Our Marijuana Detox Pills Are The Best Option To Help You Pass A Drug Test:

  • Permanently Cleanses After 7 Days!
  • Effective for Any Weight Up To 320 pounds.
  • Effective on the Highest Marijuana Toxin Levels.
  • The Strongest Permanent Cleansing Detox Kit Available.
  • Not a Mask Or Cover Up Product.
  • Permanently Cleanses Blood, Urine, and Saliva.
  • Winner Of Numerous Detox Product Awards.
  • Vegetable Capsules are easy to swallow and have no taste.
  • Made In The USA!

Ultra Detox Also Cleanses Your System For: 

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Detox Pills To Pass A Drug Test For Weed - Pass Your Drug Test With Ultra THC Detox Pills - Easiest & Best Way To Pass Your Drug Test Fast!

Pass a urine test for weed

Urine Drug Testing

urine drug test Urine Drug Testing, What To Know:

The urine test for weed is based on detection of 11-nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid (9-carboxy-THC), a metabolite of delta-9-THC, which is the primary pharmacological active component of marijuana. Studies involving humans indicate that 80%-90% of the total dose of delta-9-THC is excreted within 5 days–approximately 20% in urine and 65% in feces.

Plasma concentrations of delta-9-THC peak by the time a smoked dose is completed and usually fall to approximately 2 ng/ml within 4-6 hours. 9-carboxy-THC is detectable in plasma within minutes after a dose is smoked and remains in plasma considerably longer than THC itself.

Urine from marijuana users contains quantities of 9-carboxy-THC in both free and conjugated form, as well as other cannabinoids (THC and its metabolites) detectable by the test.

It can take up to 90 days for the body to completely rid itself of any traces of marijuana if you are a heavy daily smoker. Most light smokers will pass in a few weeks with exercise and an increased water intake. Eating healthy foods low in fat is also key to pass a urine screen.

There are two main ways your urine could get tested for weed.

Screening Test For THC

urine drug testing types

The screening test is the most common and the least expensive way employers drug test. This test looks for up to 10 illicit drugs in your system including marijuana and provides fast results. These tests can be bought at most pharmacies and usually contain a dip strip that you test your urine with.

Gas Confirmatory Test For THC

urine confirmatory test

This this test is very specific and is almost always used when testing for the presence of one specific drug. If a initial screening test shows positive for THC the confirmatory test might be requested. These tests are more uncommon when getting tested for weed for employment or random UA (urinary analysis). Learn more about marijuana detection times and types of tests here.

If you want to completely detox safely and naturally from marijuana  or any other illegal substances may have the right option for you!

Ultra THC Detox offers a complete marijuana detox solution when combined with exercise and a clean diet. 

Our 7 day marijuana detox flush cleanse is perfect for the heavy and light marijuana user. This 7 day program will eliminate traces of Marijuana and THC drug use from your urine, blood and saliva. This is not a mask and it is completely undetectable! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Comes with 7 day supply of Detox Pills.

pass drug test one week

Why you should never “trick the system” by cheating on a marijuana drug test:

  • It is a felony crime in most states to be caught manipulating / cheating the results of a drug test.
  • Most professional testing labs can and will detect the urine additives used in popular masking drinks and fake synthetic urine.
  • It is becoming more and difficult to get away with using fake urine at many testing facilities, and you can forget about it in a supervised testing situation like a military or court ordered test.

Detox The Natural Way With Ultra THC Detox Capsules!

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How To Cheat On A Drug Test

Many people think they can cheat on a marijuana pee test, marijuana blood test, marijuana saliva test by purchasing expensive products that mask the THC in their system. Below is info on why you should not cheat on a THC drug test.

Why you should never “trick the system” by cheating on a marijuana drug test:

  • It is now a felony crime in most states to be caught manipulating / cheating the results of a drug test.
  • Most professional testing labs can and will detect the urine additives used in popular masking drinks.
  • It is becoming more and difficult to get away with using fake urine at many testing facilities, and you can forget about it in a supervised testing situation like a military or court ordered test.

Below are some funny stories from real situations when people tried to cheat the drug test!

A Little Something Extra:  As many of us know the drug testing process is very clear on its rules. Pockets are emptied, coats taken off and the process is often witnessed by a drug test supervisor. At some locations, this also means that the subject is asked to submit to a hernia check. When one gentleman came in for drug testing at a company that conducts this process, an empty medication bottle fell out of his underwear. Although it was a clear attempt to cheat the system, the man insisted that he was innocent and that was where he regularly carried his medication!

The Microwave Penis: A couple walked into a convenience store in Pennsylvania and asked the clerk at the counter to microwave what looked like a severed male member; turned out it was a fake one used to convey another person’s urine to drug testing. The pair were arrested after the clerk called police revealing that the woman had planned to use the device (filled with her male partner’s urine) to pass a urine drug test and wanted it to be at least close to body temp for that purpose.

A Painful Alibi: A man in Washington knew that drug testing was planned for the following day at his place of employment and concocted a scheme to evade going in. He called his employer that day to call off claiming that he’d been shot by a passerby in a car. As it turns out he had been shot. The employee knew that he’d have to come up with serious proof for the alibi and asked his friend to shoot him to evade the drug test. Both men were arrested for the incident.

It’s My Girlfriend’s Fault: A Police officer in New York came back positive for cocaine after a hair based drug test. When he was told, he claimed that he had no drugs in his system and that the only way the drug test could have come up positive was through oral sex he’d had with his girlfriend. The officer claimed that his girlfriend confessed that she’d used the drug earlier. The pair broke up shortly after the drug test result and his subsequent dismissal.

If you want to completely detox safely and naturally from marijuana we have the right option for you!

Ultra THC Detox offers a complete marijuana detox solution!

7 Day Marijuana Detox Flush Cleanse – Perfect for the heavy and light marijuana user. This 7 day program will eliminate traces of Marijuana and THC drug use from your urine, blood and saliva. This is not a mask and it is completely undetectable! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Comes with 7 day supply of Detox Capsules. Up to 320 lbs body weight.

pass a drug test fast, detox pills


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How To Pass A Drug Test

marijuana detox kit, how long does marijuana stay in your system

Passing a marijuana drug test can be difficult if you don’t prepare and consider your options before the testing date. Marijuana / THC  stays in your system between 3 – 90 days depending on many factors, the main one being how often you use marijuana.

Other factors include body weight, marijuana potency, your metabolism, amount of exercise you get, diet, and age. Many products on the market today are designed to “make you pass” the test simply by masking the THC in your system, tricking the test into a negative “clean” result.

Examples of these products include fake urine, and instant marijuana detox drinks. Other products are designed to completely rid your body of THC. This type of marijuana detox is the only true way to guarantee clean urine/blood/saliva test results. Urine drug testing (urinalysis) is the most common type of drug test most people are given, because it’s cheap, fast, and accurate. There is only one safe way to pass a urinalysis drug test for THC  – Which is COMPLETE MARIJUANA DETOXIFICATION!

Why you should never “trick the system” by cheating on a marijuana drug test:

  • It is now a felony crime in most states to be caught manipulating / cheating the results of a drug test.
  • Most professional testing labs can and will detect the urine additives used in popular masking drinks.
  • It is becoming more and difficult to get away with using fake urine at many testing facilities, and you can forget about it in a supervised testing situation like a military or court ordered test.

If you want to completely detox safely and naturally from marijuana we have the right option for you!

Ultra THC Detox offers a complete marijuana detox solution!

7 Day Marijuana Detox Flush Cleanse – Perfect for the heavy and light marijuana user. This 7 day program will eliminate traces of Marijuana and THC drug use from your urine, blood and saliva. This is not a mask and it is completely undetectable! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Comes with 7 day supply of Detox Capsules. Up to 320 lbs body weight.


pass a drug test fast, detox pills

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