Pass A Drug Test For Meth – Crack – & Amphetamine’s

Thc detox pills

How We Can Help You Pass…

  • Passing a drug test for meth – crack – cocaine and all other amphetamine’s is easier than passing a urine test for marijuana.
  • These drugs stay will stay in your system for a shorter amount of time, usually between 2-8 days. The amount of time meth for example stays in your body highly depends on how much and how often you use.
  • The most common way you will be drug tested for any substance will be the urine drug test. The urine drug test is fast, inexpensive and very accurate.
  • If you have an upcoming drug test for Meth – Crack – or Amphetamine’s we highly suggest using our 7 Day Organic Detox Cleanse just to be sure you will pass and be worry free.


What Makes Ultra THC Detox Cleanse Different?

  • Our powerful herbal formula works to flush all of the drug toxins out of you system within 7 days. Unlike other brands, we don’t advertise an overnight miracle cure, because our system actually cleans your system, and it doesn’t  just mask the toxins.
  • This is an extremely important distinction because depending on your state; it can be a felony to use any product that alters the results of a drug test or masks the meth in your system for a court ordered or government employment drug test.
  • These masking agents can include fake or synthetic urine. To add to the severity of this, most drug tests can now detect the chemical makeup of masking agents, which increases your chances of getting caught. Our Detox Kit isn’t intended to defraud any government agency; we want to help individuals that are seeking a total body detox.

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