Cranberry Juice to Pass a Drug Test


Drug tests are now commonplace for pre-employment, worker’s compensation claims, and as a routine test for compliance with probation and parole. The need to pass a drug test will fall on most people at least once in their lifetime and with not much time to comply. Detoxing has been a long used method that people rely on to try to pass a drug test using cranberry juice 

Cranberries and cranberry juice contain several different antioxidants that are useful in helping to detox your body. Cranberry has also been long used as a home remedy for curing urinary tract infections. Because of the popular use of cranberry supplement, which come in the natural fruit form, juice, powder and pill form, to detox and clear out bacteria from your urinary tract many illicit drugs users have relied on this fruit to help them pass a drug test.

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Methodology Using Cranberry Juice For Drug Test

Cranberries are believed to cure, prevent or aid in the recovery from a urinary tract infection because the fruit can change the pH level of urine. Research has shown that cranberry does in fact inhibit E-coli bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of the bladder which allows it to flush from the system through urination. The restriction of the bacteria in the urinary tract is what relieves the symptoms of an infection.

Cranberry juice is usually made from a concentrate that has very little of the actual cranberry fruit in it. This limits the amount of benefit you will get from consuming the juice. Instead, crushing actual cranberries into water and drinking this mixture throughout the days leading up to your drug test, or using the powder forms or even cranberry supplement pills will provide the best detoxification benefits.

Many people will fast while doing a cranberry detox so that they are pushing the maximum amount of antioxidant, with no interference from other drinks or food, through their body. The recommended fasting period is three days and 64 ounces of cranberry detox per day in the place of meals.

Science behind the cranberry drug test myth

There is absolutely proven scientific evidence that cranberry juice detoxes help to prevent, lessen the symptoms of, and cure urinary tract infections. Cranberries have been used holistically for hundreds of years as a dietary and detox supplement.

There has been extensive testing done with cranberry juice and those people who use marijuana specifically, that has proven that cranberry detox to pass a drug test is nothing more than a myth.

Cranberry, while it does not allow for E-coli bacteria to adhere to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract, has absolutely no effect on marijuana or marijuana metabolites in the urine.

Because THC, the psychoactive agent in marijuana, attaches to your fat cells and stays in the body for a minimum of 30 days if you are a normal weight and active person, there is no possibility that cranberry detoxing will remove any trace of marijuana from your system.

THC, metabolizes as your body processes the fats in your body. This means that there is a constant exit of marijuana metabolites that are leaving the body through urination. Participating in a cranberry detox will not inhibit the metabolites from passing through your urine and showing up on your drug test.

While drinking cranberry juice may have excellent health benefits, the rumor that this fruit or juice will mask or eliminate marijuana from your system is nothing more than myth.

If it really is that important to you to get that job or keep that job, there is only two 100% effective ways to pass a drug test, simply: to be entirely drug-free or to fully detox the body naturally with detox pills. There is no quick fix, the body needs at least 7 days to fully detox from marijuana.

The best way to pass a drug test is by using Total Herbal Cleanse Detox, not cranberry juice. It will help you to pass a drug test fast by targeting the body in a unique way. This comes from how it uses ingredients that work to target marijuana toxins that are in the body and fat cells. Click below to learn more about how our 7 day detox kit will flush your system of marijuana to pass your drug test!

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“I have been purchasing your “magic pills” for over a year. I am a pretty heavy smoker and i usually pass with only doing 3 to 5 days out of the 7 recommended. I have to take a drug test every month and I have passed every single time using this product I was extremely skeptical at first, as i tried many others that did not work for me. Thanks, I love this product!!” – Jamie

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