Cheating On Drug Test And Getting Caught

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Cheating On A Drug Test? Don’t Get Caught!

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Author: Kristen Shea — Detox Expert

Article Updated: February 10th 2023

Cheating on a drug test, whether through adulteration, substitution, or other means, is not a responsible or ethical course of action. There are several important reasons why cheating on a drug test is not advisable:

1. Ethics and Integrity: Cheating undermines the principles of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. It can lead to negative consequences for your personal character and reputation.

2. Legal Consequences: Tampering with a drug test can have legal repercussions. Many jurisdictions consider tampering with drug tests to be a violation of the law, and individuals caught cheating could face criminal charges.

3. Employment and Education: If you’re caught cheating on a drug test, it can affect your employment prospects, educational opportunities, and professional reputation. Employers and educational institutions often view cheating on drug tests as a breach of trust.

4. Unreliable Results: Cheating methods are not foolproof, and testing facilities often have measures in place to detect tampered samples. Adulterated or substituted samples can lead to inaccurate results and additional testing requirements.

5. Personal Growth: If the motivation behind cheating is to hide substance abuse or addiction, cheating prevents you from addressing the root causes of these issues. Seeking help and support for substance abuse can lead to personal growth, improved health, and overall well-being.

6. Industry Integrity: Drug tests serve important purposes in industries such as transportation, healthcare, and safety-sensitive roles. Cheating on drug tests compromises the integrity of these industries and undermines efforts to ensure safety and productivity.

7. Risk to Health: Some cheating methods involve consuming or introducing substances that could be harmful to your health. Prioritizing your health and well-being is crucial.

8. Lack of Long-Term Solution: Cheating provides a temporary solution at best. It does not address the underlying issues that may have led to substance abuse or the need for a drug test.

If you’re facing a drug test and are concerned about the results, it’s best to approach the situation honestly. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, consider seeking professional help from medical professionals, counselors, or support groups to address the root causes of your concerns. Ultimately, facing challenges with integrity and a commitment to personal growth will lead to more positive outcomes in the long run.

Faking or cheating to pass a drug test can seem tempting for people who are unsure whether or not they will pass on their own. However, there can be serious issues for cheating.

When deciding on whether or not to cheat on a drug test, it is important to take the follow factors into consideration.

What counts as cheating?

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Cheating on a drug test can take a variety of different forms. In most cases, the type of cheating that can constitute penalties involves being in possession of someone else’s urine or a device to transport someone else’s urine for the purpose of faking a drug test.

Synthetic urines, which are on the market although not legal, also count as cheating on a urine drug test. Basically, any product that fakes a negative result can trigger the consequences of being caught cheating on a drug test.

What happens if I get caught cheating on a drug test?

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Cheating on a drug test is illegal. The degree of how illegal it is depends on the state that the person attempting to fake the drug test lives in. In some cases, the consequences of getting caught cheating on a drug test can be severe.

In many cases, however, the consequences of getting caught cheating on a drug test are decided by the employer or agency that is requesting the test in the first place.

Some agencies will allow an employee to repeat the test at their own out of pocket cost one additional time in order to get a negative. Other agencies will consider a failed or cheated drug test cause for immediate dismissal.

In worst case scenarios, employers are within their legal rights to call the police. People who attempt to cheat a drug test can be arrested and prosecuted for “falsifying.” If found guilty, the possibility of jail time (of up to six months) and fines (of up to $2000) exists.

Repeat offenders are subjected to even longer time and increased fines. Any charges will also be part of the employee’s permanent record and can affect future employment as well.

How can I avoid getting caught?

The best way to avoid getting caught cheating on a drug test is not to do it in the first place. If that is absolutely unavoidable, instead of trying to use someone else’s urine or using an untested product, try using an all natural, organic product like Ultra THC Detox Pills.

The natural products that are used do not show up on any drug test and would not trigger any additional testing.

If using a detox cleansing product or kit, make sure to start any cleanse as far in advance of a drug test as possible.

It is important to be aware of the type of drug test that will be performed (urine, blood, or hair) as well as the type of drugs that will be tested for (commonly marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, and methamphetamine).

The majority of drug kits will help users test clean for these products, but the most common one that they focus on is marijuana usage.

The way most detox kits work is by helping users flush their systems of any potential residue from drug use. This can be done in a variety of different ways, some of which are more effective than others.

What should I look for in a full body detox kit?


When looking for the best product to help pass a drug test without having to resort to using someone else’s urine (and potentially end up with serious legal consequences), make sure to check for a few specific qualities.

In addition to natural, organic ingredients, it is important to make sure all ingredients on the label are ones that won’t end up illegally altering the results.

Avoiding products like detox drinks or synthetic urine is also strongly advised as these products have the highest likelihood of causing a false positive or drawing attention to an attempt to fake a test.

Another quality to look for in a detox kit is a money back guarantee.

Products that have good reviews and have a track record of helping users pass drug tests, like Ultra THC Detox will offer money back guarantees that their product will work. Guarantees like this can be a good sign that the product will be effective.

In short, attempting to fake or cheat a drug test can be tempting for people with recent drug use history that are worried about failing a urine test on their own.

However, the potentially serious consequences of being caught cheating on a drug test (like jail time, fines, loss of employment) far outweigh the positives of using someone else’s urine.

People can try a THC Detox Kit product like detox pills to help organically and naturally pass a test without synthetic urine or chemicals.

Many people think they can cheat on a marijuana pee test, marijuana blood test, marijuana saliva test by purchasing expensive products from Amazon, GNC and CVS that mask the THC in their system. Below is info on why you should not cheat on a THC drug test.


Why you should never “trick the system” by cheating on a marijuana drug test:

  • It is now a felony crime in most states to be caught manipulating / cheating the results of a drug test.
  • Most professional testing labs can and will detect the urine additives used in popular masking drinks.
  • It is becoming more and difficult to get away with using fake urine at many testing facilities, and you can forget about it in a supervised testing situation like a military or court ordered test.

Below are some funny stories from real situations when people tried to cheat the drug test!

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A Little Something Extra:  As many of us know the drug testing process is very clear on its rules. Pockets are emptied, coats taken off and the process is often witnessed by a drug test supervisor. At some locations, this also means that the subject is asked to submit to a hernia check. When one gentleman came in for drug testing at a company that conducts this process, an empty medication bottle fell out of his underwear. Although it was a clear attempt to cheat the system, the man insisted that he was innocent and that was where he regularly carried his medication!

The Microwave Penis: A couple walked into a convenience store in Pennsylvania and asked the clerk at the counter to microwave what looked like a severed male member; turned out it was a fake one used to convey another person’s urine to drug testing. The pair were arrested after the clerk called police revealing that the woman had planned to use the device (filled with her male partner’s urine) to pass a urine drug test and wanted it to be at least close to body temp for that purpose.

A Painful Alibi: A man in Washington knew that drug testing was planned for the following day at his place of employment and concocted a scheme to evade going in. He called his employer that day to call off claiming that he’d been shot by a passerby in a car. As it turns out he had been shot. The employee knew that he’d have to come up with serious proof for the alibi and asked his friend to shoot him to evade the drug test. Both men were arrested for the incident.

It’s My Girlfriend’s Fault: A Police officer in New York came back positive for cocaine after a hair based drug test. When he was told, he claimed that he had no drugs in his system and that the only way the drug test could have come up positive was through oral sex he’d had with his girlfriend. The officer claimed that his girlfriend confessed that she’d used the drug earlier. The pair broke up shortly after the drug test result and his subsequent dismissal.

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