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How To Pass A Drug Test

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Passing a marijuana drug test can be difficult if you don’t prepare and consider your options before the testing date. Marijuana / THC  stays in your system between 3 – 90 days depending on many factors, the main one being how often you use marijuana.

Other factors include body weight, marijuana potency, your metabolism, amount of exercise you get, diet, and age. Many products on the market today are designed to “make you pass” the test simply by masking the THC in your system, tricking the test into a negative “clean” result.

Examples of these products include fake urine, and instant marijuana detox drinks. Other products are designed to completely rid your body of THC. This type of marijuana detox is the only true way to guarantee clean urine/blood/saliva test results. Urine drug testing (urinalysis) is the most common type of drug test most people are given, because it’s cheap, fast, and accurate. There is only one safe way to pass a urinalysis drug test for THC  – Which is COMPLETE MARIJUANA DETOXIFICATION!

Why you should never “trick the system” by cheating on a marijuana drug test:

  • It is now a felony crime in most states to be caught manipulating / cheating the results of a drug test.
  • Most professional testing labs can and will detect the urine additives used in popular masking drinks.
  • It is becoming more and difficult to get away with using fake urine at many testing facilities, and you can forget about it in a supervised testing situation like a military or court ordered test.

If you want to completely detox safely and naturally from marijuana we have the right option for you!

Ultra THC Detox offers a complete marijuana detox solution!

7 Day Marijuana Detox Flush Cleanse – Perfect for the heavy and light marijuana user. This 7 day program will eliminate traces of Marijuana and THC drug use from your urine, blood and saliva. This is not a mask and it is completely undetectable! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Comes with 7 day supply of Detox Capsules. Up to 320 lbs body weight.


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